December 30, 2020 A Rebel’s Guide to Antonio Gramsci

A Rebel’s Guide to Antonio Gramsci

By Chris Bambery

Gramsci was the intellectual driving force of early Italian Communism. Jailed by Mussolini and with collapsing health, he laboured to produce his famous prison notebooks under the eye of the censor. His ideas – particularly his concept of hegemony – are still highly influential today.

Chris Bambery provides an accessible and lively introduction to the man, his world and his ideas.


2 thoughts on “A Rebel’s Guide to Antonio Gramsci

  1. Good day comrades, please note that A REBEL’S GUIDE TO ANTONIO GRAMSCI download is only two pages. I am very interested in the introduction to Antonio Gramsci’s work.

    Keep on doing the good work.

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