10 Reasons Why Student Loans are a Scam!

The Government’s answer to escalating tuition fees in tertiary education institutions is its proposal for student loans. This pamphlet shows that this is a scam that will still remove tertiary education from the poor masses.

“The students loan policy is based on a lie which is that Nigeria is too poor to fund public education, but this is not true. Nigeria has enough resources to fund public education if these resources are democratically-planned and managed instead of being stolen by the corrupt capitalist elite.”

The pamphlet demolishes the student loan policy as follows:

(1) It is a gimmick by government to evade its responsibility towards funding of public education
(2) It is a smokescreen to take public education out of the reach of the poor
(3) It will transform public education into a business and students into customers
(4) It has not worked anywhere else
(5) It will only cater for a minority of the students population
(6) It will not resolve the problem of access even for the minority of students that are able to obtain it
(7) It will subject beneficiaries to lifelong indebtedness
(8) It will lead to mass drop out and decline in enrolment
(9) It will lead to job loss for education workers
(10) It is based on false assumptions that Nigeria is too poor to fund public education.

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