Trouble Making – why you should organise your workplace

By Lydia Hughes and Jamie Woodcock (2023)

From waste collectors in Mumbai fighting for safer working conditions to tech workers in Silicon Valley demanding more control over their work, people everywhere are getting organised. Talking to workers in Britain, the US, India, Argentina, South Africa, Brazil, and across Europe, Lydia Hughes and Jamie Woodcock bring together lessons for everyone thinking about taking on their bosses.

Trouble making puts forward three principles for organisers. First, we need action to build a movement – now, not as a last resort. Second, build the union rank and file. Power comes from organising at work not entrusting others to do it on our behalf. Third, democracy matters. This is not only about winning, but about developing the confidence to build another kind of world.

Download full Pamphlet with the link below:

Naija Marxisms and Naija Marxisms: Revolutionary Thought In Nigeria (Adams Mayer)

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