I Had 4 Abortions Oya Arrest Me! – the diary of an almost aborted pro-choice feminist

By Sisi Afrika

The stunning autobiography of a young woman from Ile-Ife and how she survived. How an unwanted girl child, brought up by her grandparents, survived capitalism and patriarchy. Why she is angry at the system and fighting to change it. She came to believe that it is capitalism and especially patriarchy that is the problem, rather than her abusive mother.
Mother and daughter both suffered horribly and their histories make us question what is wrong with our society and how we need to begin to change it. Sisi provides detailed descriptions of their lives and explains how it was patriarchy, rather than individual failings of the people involved, that were the real problems.
Read Sisí’s story and join us in the fight to make the world a better place, especially for our daughters.
Women should read this book to direct their anger at the proper target. Men should read the book to appreciate the challenges that their mothers, daughters, partners and other women face and why they should support their fight back.

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