Chido Onumah, Time To Reclaim Nigeria: Essays (2001-2011) Nigeria lies Prostrate Today Because of The Action, and Sometimes Inaction, of Nigerians

Chido Onumah’s “Time to Reclaim Nigeria: Essays (2001-2011)”, tells the heartbreaking story of the hope and promise of Nigeria for its people and the familiar saga of betrayal by Nigeria’s political-military-capitalist-bureaucratic elite. Often called the ‘bread-basket’ of Africa, Nigeria with its rich oil and other resources, has been plundered by these elites in collusion with imperialism, a state of affairs that only serves the needs and interests of the metropolitan countries.

The book Time to Reclaim Nigeria is at once a window into the mind of a thoroughly disillusioned young Nigerian, as it is a glimpse into the history of a blighted nation’s dashed hopes and wasted opportunities. But it is also a call to action, trumpeting the possibilities of a new dawn.

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