Unity and Solidarity- how we can win strikes

Unity and Solidarity – how we can win strikes


Chapter 1

1.Upcoming Workers Struggles in 2023

2.Building Trade Union Unity and Solidarity

3.Government of Nigeria’s Commitment to Reducing Inequality Is Extremely Poor

4.Them and Us – What is the Best Approach to Trade Union Activity?

5.How Should We Reform Trade Union to End Poverty?

6.Why are strikes important?

7.Lessons of The ASUU Strike – Not Enough for Victory

8.Lessons from Kaduna – May 2021

Chapter 2

1.NLC and TUC Need to Change Strategy – lessons from the last decade

The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists (Oxford World’s Classics) – Robert Tressell
The Women’s Revolution: Russia 1905–1917Judy Cox

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