The Future Socialist Society

The Future Socialist Society
By John Molyneux

What do we want from socialism? How will we deal with our problems under socialism? How will X, Y or Z be organised? These sorts of questions are often put to Marxists. It has to be said that the answers given are frequently vague. Certainly the writings of Karl Marx in this area are few compared with his monumental analysis of capitalism and his works on history and contemporary politics.
This booklet attempts to set out a Marxist view of the future socialist society. It attempts because one thing is certain: the reality of socialism will differ markedly from any possible anticipation of it. We will have to decide collectively how to eradicate the fundamental problems that plague us under capitalism and win real freedom.

The booklet addresses the following 10 issues:
• The conquest of political power
• Repression and freedom under workers’ power
• The conquest of economic power
• Spreading the revolution: the international dimension
• Producing for need: towards abundance
• The transformation of work
• Women’s liberation.
• The end of racism
• Learning for the future
• From necessity to freedom.

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The Future Socialist Society (John Molyneux)

Marxism and the National Question
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